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Netfile submission rejected with error code 35


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The Netfile submission comes back as Rejected with a result code of 35.

The message indicates that the CRA cannot accept the Netfile return and a paper return is needed.  

An online search shows that this error code is related to a pre-bankruptcy return which makes no sense to this return.

How can I get Netfile to accept this return?

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Hello Dave1956,

CRA Error code 35

You have indicated your client is filing a pre-bankruptcy return but there is no date of bankruptcy on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) records. Please ensure you have submitted Form DC905, Bankruptcy Identification Form to update the CRA


Wrong address – please verify the address

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Thank you for your response.

Just to clarify, there should be no hint of anything to do with bankruptcy on this return. It is a standard return for my mother-in-law, just as I have been doing for several years with UFile. She passed away in February but that should not affect 2022 return. I have not knowingly indicated that we are filing a pre-bankruptcy return, as suggested in your response. How is that indication made? Is there something in the software that does this that I am not aware of?


Are you suggesting that the address on the return does not match the address on file with CRA?  Could this cause the error code 35 that I am seeing?

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The CRA now tells me that CRA Error Code 35 is a result of the death notification in 2023 which requires a paper return (not Netfile) for 2022 tax year.   Nothing to do with bankruptcy after all but this appears to be the answer.  Thanks Geo123 for your suggestions.

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