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T5013 error


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I keep getting the following error despite entering my T5013 slip correctly.  Does anyone know what the issue may be?


The income entered with respect to the T5013 are inconsistent. You selected '0 or 3 - Limited partner' or a '2 - Specified member' at box 08 Member code but you entered general business income (loss) instead of limited partnership income (loss). Make the necessary changes on the T5013 or T5013A page.

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Thank you- I had submitted a request (#UF865550).  The individual who responded to me (Hong) provided responses that were short, and completely non-helpful.  For example, after telling him/her I had tried a number of browsers and computers to submit the help form and allow ufile to access my tax file (the submission form is freezing), the response from Hong was "Please just try, maybe you didn't operate properly".  When I said I did try multiple times, I was then told "Without your file, we can't fix it".  Finally, after asking if there was an alternative route to give ufile access to my tax file, the response was "you can print and mail it".

That was literally the extent of the responses each time, which is completely unacceptable.

Please provide further direction.

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