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Error message: "Both fields must be filled"

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Let me start by saying that I am grossly unimpressed by this software and this company. This same error message, and the difficulty (impossibility?) of actually figuring what the underlying issue is (and so how to correct it) has been reported numerous times in this exact forum. So why is it that Ufile does not see fit to answer the freakin' question, and supply some actual, useful information about how to fix it? People are paying real money for this software, and it should be supported properly.

Replies to this question from other users say to look for the "red box" indicating the location of the error, but I have searched through the entire set of forms; THERE IS NO RED BOX!

Does anyone else have any wisdom to offer?




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I agree with Joe666. The software brings you to the page with the error, but does not specify where the error is. I can't figure out which blank field has an error, on a page that has many "expected" blank fields. If the Ufile software detects the error, it should be crystal clear to the user what/where the error is with a clear error message. I can try a competitor's software next time and maybe avoid screaming expletives at my laptop screen.

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