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CRA Autofill Error


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Hello Taxman2023,

If you cannot download / AFR (AutoFill Return) not responsive. It could be several things:

The government website is very busy - try again later.

If logging in with “Sign-in Partner login” try “CRA sign-in” (using CRA MyAccount).

You should also verify with the CRA if the account log-on is valid.

• Your antivirus or firewall is preventing the download - temporarily disable to download.

• Could be your Internet Service Provider - then you need to restart the modem (or contact your ISP)

• Check computer time and date and language so the compute can synchronize with the CRA.

• Make sure your account access is up to date.

• If you have Windows 10 or 11, download “Microsoft Edge Webviewer” at the following link (it may not have been bundled in your version): https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?Linkid=2124703

• Use the most recent version of the “Edge” browser.


Check EDGE  browser Settings:

1. Type "Internet options" in the Windows search menu.

2. Click "Internet Options".

3. Click on "Advanced" tab.

4. Scroll to the Security section, then check Use TLS 1.2.

5. Click OK, then close Edge. TLS v1.2 is enabled on the next start of Edge.


Of note can also be effected by : Internet speed, computer memory/speed , network latency, CRA Server loads, anti-virus, firewall and the data within the download file.

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