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Help: I cannot find where to change line 25300, Applying Net Capital Losses of other years to 2022


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I do not HAVE to claim these net capital losses*, and I want to be able to adjust the amount and see how it affects my tax-payable scenario (I don't mind paying some tax to have future wiggle room). I didn't have Employment Income in 2022, only Self-Employment and Investment income, and it was a low-income year—so the tax I pay on Capital Gains will be less than what those Capital Losses might be worth to me in a high-income year. 

*The generated form clearly says "You can apply all, or part of, the amount on line 6 against your taxable capital gains in 2022. Enter on line 7 the amount of losses you want to claim." 

WHERE do I change this amount? I can't find it anywhere! 

It would be helpful if a the end of the Interview, UFile gave a CLEAR set of such adjustable items such as Donations claimed (both Federal and Quebec) so that, with or without using MaxBack, users like me could more easily find and choose or override the claims made in the software.

Best regards,


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Hello JaneS,

- On the page entitled "Net capital losses of other years" and enter your net capital losses of previous years.

- If you wish to limit the amount of capital losses applied to the current year, enter the amount on the last line at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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