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Quebec Schedule G Resource Property Capital Gains


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I am unable to file Quebec return.  I get an error which notes that I claimed a capital gains deduction on line 292, which corresponds to the capital gains on resource property acquired and sold in 2022, but I do not have the corresponding capital gain in schedule G.  However, schedule G shows the capital gains included in Section A, under capital property with all other capital gains and not under section B, which is the Resource Property (where it belongs).
How do I code the capital gains in the input section to put the Resource Property in Section B of Schedule G of Quebec returns?
I see no options for indicating that it is a resource property when entering T5013's.
Information from TP-726.20.2 does not appear to modify capital gains on Schedule G to allocate Resource property to Section B.
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Hello mwasser,

In order to answer your question we would need to see the T5013 / RL-15 (s).

UFIle contains numerous fields, in the T5013 section, relating to resource properties. For example :

RL-15 Box 45 - Eligible taxable capital gains amount on resource property [45]   [$   ]  

Please contact UFile Support so we may review the file confidentially.  ATTN : Geo
Please open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us.

Please include the relevant T5013 / RL-15(s)


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thanks. I did submit a request and got an answer from Zhen as follows:

“You could go interview setup>capital gains(or losses) and capital gain history >resource properties(Quebec only),
then you will get schedule G with the resource property in section B”

This worked, but I had to zero the capital gains from the T5008 entry as it created a double count of capital gains for the resource properties
Note that the T5013s do not show capital gains, just the cost of acquisition, and at that, not the ACB cost basis. 
in this case, Resource Properties, T101/Rel 11s are issued, which also show acquisition cost and not ACB or sell price. 

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