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Work Expenses If I Only Worked 15% Of The Time From Home Office


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As per the T2200 the employer only required to use home office 15% of the time.

In UFile, this is entered in the "Home office expenses" tab. It only asks what % of the home was used to personal use, and then the total amount spent (for work + personal).

Where can I specify that I only need to deduct the 15% portion?

Thank you.


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4 hours ago, Geo123 said:

Hello david007co

Percentage (%) of home being used for personal purposes :   < - - - ENTER 85%

Actually, I am not talking about the % of the house that I sued for work (in my case is 9%).  I am asking that only 15% of the time worked last year was from home.. so I only used the home office 15% of the time.


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