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CCA, Area A of Rental Statement, Form T776

Frustrated User

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Regarding rental income (CCA) and form T776.  I have a Class 8 item to claim in Area A.  Area A of CCA does not complete the calculation.  Column 17 (%) does not multiply by Column 16 (base amount).  When calculating properly it should enter in to Column 18 and subsequently enter in to Line 9936.  I did have an amount in Column 18 but it was the wrong amount previously and it did not transfer to Line 9936.  Now that I have the correct amounts in 16 and 17, it won't calculate at all.    I see many complaints stating that Column 18 does not transfer to Line 9936 but have not seen a resolution.

So I have two issues.  Area A is not calculating and Column 18 won't carry over to Line 9936.    Can anyone give me advice?

Ufile questions regarding CCA do not seem to match the Columns on the form or I'm not understanding them.

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Hello Frustrated User,

In the CCA page be sure to select :

To whom the CCA should be allocated : [Business level (full amounts - 100%)]

If you still can not reconcile the CCA amountpPlease contact UFile Support so we may review the file confidentially.
Please open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us

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Hello Frustrated User,

For the authorization it’s better to do it before 900 or after 1900 ET as we are experiencing a very high volume at this time of year

**Authorization – **do not click WAIT**

If get “These pages aren’t responding”
**do not click WAIT**
- - - >Can take up to 5 minutes as it is running an encryption routine with various actions occurring.  It also depends on the anti-virus / firewall, VPN, internet connection and network latency.

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