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Total EI premiums on filing do not match sum from T4s


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I received 3 T4 statements.

I received the following error upon trying to file:

Error code(s): 90312


Line 50280 for the total of your employment insurance (EI) premiums from box 18 of your T4 slips does not equal the total of the EI premiums on line 31200 and the EI overpayment claimed on line 45000. You may also have received this message if your province or territory of residence on December 31 is other than Quebec and you did work in the province of Quebec during the tax year, but your software did not generate an entry on line 50270 for the Quebec provincial parental insurance plan premiums from box 55 of your T4 slip. If you worked in the province of Quebec, ensure you have correctly indicated the province of employment for that T4 slip in your software.


Can you help me understand why the 3 premiums are not being summed?

Thank you.



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Hello LogCabin,

>> QC resident but only has T4 x NotT4-RL1

>> The province of residence is Quebec. Line 31200 for EI premiums plus line 45000 for EI overpayment does not equal line 50280 for total EI premiums.

The province or territory of residence is other than Quebec. The sum of lines 31200/50260 for EI premiums plus line 45000 does not equal the sum of line 50270 for total PPIP premiums plus line 50280.

To solve the situation:  Reduce the EI on the T4 slip so no overpayment or reimbursement of EI is calculated

ELSE  You can open a request ticket and submit a request on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us


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Thanks Geo123.  

No go - it seems as if the software is not even recognizing the EI and CPP from a second T4 slip.  I am not seeing a correct sum total on lines 30800 and 31200.

There is no overpayment indicated on lines 44800 and 45000.

The support form has been consistently crashing on me since last night.


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Hello LogCabin,


For the authorization it’s better to do it before 9:00 ET  or after 19:00 ET as we are experiencing a very high volume at this time of year.  <= = = DURING tax season 
Please wait for the confirmation message on the screen
**Before you click Submit please Click on "Submit" only once.** Your browser is going to freeze and don't press anything. About 30 seconds it's going to say "Page unresponsive". It may appear 3 - 4 times. Do not click wait and don't press anything until it says file submitted.**
>>It  take up to 4 or minutes depending on your internet speed.


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ok - here is why I was not understanding the Ufile directions given.  My wife overpaid on her EI and CPP.  We did not know that there is a maximum annual deduction for these fields.  Search 31200 and you will see the maximum amounts for EI in  given year.  Typically, UFile claims the overpayment amounts but because we were late filing we missed our chance to do so.  EI overpayment - I think you have three years to claim it.  CPP overpayment - I think you have 4 years to claim it.  If you are in this situation, you need to back out some of the EI and/or CPP that you had entered into your T4's, as per UFile directions.  

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Hello LogCabin,

If it is being rejected by the CRA NETFILE, due to overcontributions, then you should mail the tax returns.

Print Tax Return to mail / Mail Return / Print Return / Print PDF T1 and T2
In Tab 4, at the bottom of the screen, select the PDF Icons :
[PDF] Federal Print
[PDF] Quebec Print <- - - - IF in Quebec
FYI – for the entire tax return:
[PDF] Download PDF

Then depending on your PDF reader, eg. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft EDGE; you can save to: 
*desktop, downloads, file directory
*external device such as CD, external hard drive, USB key

~~~~~~~For the Tax Return Instructions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>Tax Return (tab 4)
T1 comparative summary
TP1 comparative summary
Assembly instructions p1  <- - - HERE
Assembly instructions p2
You only need to send to CRA those pages with [CRA] printed on the top left hand corner.

CRA - Address:
RQ - Address::

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