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Canada Child Benefit for married couple


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We have two young children (age 4 and 2) and for the past few returns my wife has always had the CCB in her name.  In those previous years she has had the lower income between the two of us so that made sense.

This tax year, we moved for my job and I had a lot of moving expenses to claim which brought my income below hers, and now the CCB is showing up on my return.  From a family perspective it doesn't matter which of us gets it, but is there a way to keep the CCB going to her instead of to me?


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Similar situation; I don't seem to be able to fix in Ufile.

Grandmother has custody of her son's young child, and should be receiving the CCB. Her new common-law spouse (no relation to the child) has the lower income. Ufile is giving the c/l spouse the Canada Child Benefits.  

Grandmother wants the monthly benefits to go directly to her to ensure she has the benefits re the grandson, and not the c/l spouse.

Where is the override to ensure grandmother receives the CCB?

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