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Dependent turns 18.


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My friend's daughter turned 18 in the middle of 2022.  Is it correct to say that she can be included as a dependent for the 2022 tax year and Ufile/CRA will recognise her birth date and adjust accordingly?  Or is there another section that needs to be filled in that explicitly tells Ufile that she was a dependent for only half of 2022?

Also, this is the first year that she has had her own income.  Under her name as a dependent Ufile asks if she needs to file a return.  Is it best to tell it 'yes' and send it with her mother's return or to tell it 'no' and create her own separate return?

Thanks for any advice.  




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hello, just wanting some clarifications on this answer. Same situation as described in the original question...son turned 18 in Aug 2023. Son lives with me so has same mailing address and I support him but he is not in school at the moment and has a part time job. Can i still include him as a dependent in my family ufile for 2023 tax reporting? 

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Hello,  my son was at  high school in 2023 so turned 18 and lived with me until July.  Then he moved to a different area to play high level sport.  Doing my taxes and not sure if he should be a dependant or not as he moved out half way through the year?

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