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Have to pay a second time?


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I paid for ufile 2022 on 12.MAR.2023 and now I am getting asked to pay an additional time.


The receipt I have breaks down the costs:

Personal income tax return (primary) - $19.95

Personal Income tax return (Spouse) - $14.00

Subtotal: $33.95

Discount: -$8.49

HST: $3.31

Total in Canadian Funds: $28.77 CAD

Transaction was paid.


Spouse's return was accepted by NETFILE but I am being prompted to pay another 19.95 + taxes before I can NETFILE.


Please advise on how this is fixed.


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This is disappointing. I have filed my taxes online with Ufile since 2010 and this is first time I have ever had to reach out to customer support to solve any issue whatsoever. Answer your damn phones!  Also the first time I decided to to use a promo code and it is looking like the $8 I saved, isn't worth the time spent dealing with this  stupid glitch. 

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