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Deceased in 2021, Final Return Already Filed in 2022


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We had a final return filed (in 2022) for a person who passed away in 2021. However the banks were late in freezing his account and transferring funds to the estate, so we received a T5 under his name (not Estate Of) from 2022. Which form should I use to file this? I have a U-File subscription but is U-File able to process something like this? I read online that because I am a beneficiary and since the amount is small (~$80) that I can file this under my own personal return. If this is correct, can I do so within U-File?



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Hello taxhelp,

Normally this would be a Return for rights or things however, given the amount, please contact the CRA and see if above solution is acceptable for them.

Return for rights or things

Rights or things are amounts that had not been paid to the deceased at the time of their death and that, had the person not died, would have been included in their income when received. Rights or things can come from employment and other sources. 


This is not available in UFile but is available in our professional software :

T1: https://www.thomsonreuters.ca/en/dtprofessionalsuite/products/dtmax.html


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