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I pay rent for my principal residence and I would like to apply for OEPTC, the energy component (for which I am eligible, based on canada.ca website). However, I cannot figure out which Declaration I need to complete (the only one asking for energy costs is the one about living on a reserve but that doesn't apply to me).

How can I apply for OEPTC (energy component), which Declaration do I need to complete ?

Thank you

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Hello Lau

For the ON-BEN Ontario energy and property tax credit (OEPTC) select the Declaration applicable to you :

Declaration for rent paid (tenants), including a private long-term care home

 Declaration for property tax paid (owners)

 Declaration for student in a designated residence

 Declaration for home energy costs for residence on a reserve

 Declaration for amount paid for public or non-profit long-term care home

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Thank you, Geo123, for your reply.
Unfortunately, this is exactly my dilemma: none of the above declarations apply.
I'm a tenant (paying the energy bills) and I want to apply for the energy component of OEPTC, but:
1. Declaration for rent paid: it's not about energy costs.
2. Declaration for property tax: I don't own my home, not applicable.
3. Declaration for student: I'm not a student, not applicable.
4. Declaration for home energy costs on a reserve: about energy costs but I don't live on a reserve, not applicable.
5. Declaration for amount paid for care home: I don't live in one, not applicable.

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