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Said yes to update and all my tax work and file disappeared when I opened the program


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I almost completed my taxes a few days back and wanted to complete them today; however, when I opened the ufile2022 program, it said an update was required. So, I did the update. When I opened the program, my file that originally recreated was no longer present. We later found a file with extension .u22 in a temporary file in our computer. We tried to open it, but it said it was opened on another device.  However, this is not possible. I tried to find the file again, but it was no longer on my computer in a temp folder, like it was before. Where has my ufile 2022 file gone?

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Hello naadiam,

You should be able to locate the file by :
    Open Windows File Explorer (Hold down the Windows Key on your keyboard and tap ‘E’, then release the Windows key).
    In the left-hand pane, select the location. Example: This Computer or Local Disk (C:).
    Move your mouse pointer over the search box on the top right-hand corner of your screen and press your left mouse button.
    Type a portion of the exact name of the file and press enter for File Explorer to work on your result. eg. *.u22

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