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full time student 18-25


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On 4/24/2023 at 12:30 AM, horseshoe said:

Thanks for the prompt response.

Parents are both covered by Quebec prescription plan. 

So I can choose:

Exceptions Quebec prescription drug insurance all year


Age 18-25 full time student 

right? Just making sure I truly understand your answer.

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Thanks so much

Can you tell me how it worked out for you? Because I'm planning to get something like that, too.

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Hello @horseshoe, I am following up on the same question as above. My daughter was a FT students under the age of 25 and covered under the parental group insurance, but was also covered by their own Group Insurance at their University because they also have a dependant.  Would I select 

Age 18 to 25, full-time student, unmarried 


Own group Insurance plan (code 14)


Own group Insurance plan (code 14)


Group insurance plan of spouse or a parent (code 16)


Thanks in advance,

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