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Sharing of medical expenses option missing


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Ufile 2022:

Under "Sharing of Medical Expenses", the last option "To modify the program's decision for Quebec medical expenses, indicate your preference here."

The following are options in the drop down:

  • <blank>
  • Let MaxBack decide
  • Claim medical expenses for all family members
  • Do not claim

When clicking on the 'help' button, there is one more option listed that is missing from the above and is the reason for my post here

"If you want to prevent a taxpayer's medical expenses from being transferred, select Claim own medical expenses."

Is this an ERROR in Ufile 2022 that the option is not there? Thank you

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Hello jax,

Quebec residents
The Quebec tax credit for medical expenses is calculated using the family income to reduce the medical expenses. Unlike federally, the combined total Quebec tax for the family head and the spouse will be the same whether the medical expenses are claimed by the family head or the spouse.

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