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Rental income and expenses split based on ownership percentage ?


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For the rental property income, UFile is requesting to provide the Gross rental income and the help text indicate that "UFile will factor this amount by your share of the ownership." which is fine but what about the expenses ? Should those expenses be entered as Gross/total expenses and UFile will split it automatically based on share of ownership ? (Help text does not say anything about that )


e.g. Gross rental income is 9000

Property tax (TOTAL for the year): 2000

My share of ownership is 50%.

So based on the help text, I will add 9000 as Gross income and expect Ufile to split it to 4500 (btw, which line will have this amount?). 

Now for the property tax, should I enter 2000 (so UFILE can caclulate) OR should I enter 1000 (equally distributed between me and spouse ?)


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