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Separated, do we need new profiles?


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My husband and I separated in 2022. We previously filed where he was the head of the family in the ‘profile’ section. Going forward do we need to create new profiles or do we use the old ones and just change the interview question to separated? 



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Hello KrisP,

For 2022 you report the change in status, for the following years you would have separate accounts.  For 2022

Example :

>>Did your marital status change in 2022 (including separated for less than 90 days)?    [Change ]


>>Change of marital status in 2022

Complete this form if your marital status changed in 2022.

By selecting a change in your marital status, you confirm at the same time this change.

Change in your marital status in 2022  [With common-law spouse, then separated]

Date of change in your marital status (dd-mm-2022)  [05-05-2022]

If eligible to the eligible dependant amount [Yes]


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