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Reporting Dividends on Lines 12000 and 12010


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It looks to me like Ufile is double counting dividends.  In the detailed calculation for Line 12000, it says to "add lines 4 through 7", which includes the amount on line 12010.  Then the amount on line 12010 (from T5 Box 11) is input separately in calculating income.  So that amount is double counted. 

I checked my 2021 return and the amount on line 12000 does not include the amount from line 12010. 

Can this be fixed so we can file on time?

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Hello Dorothea30,

see example below please.

Worksheet - Investment


Taxable amount of dividends (other than eligible)

Box 32 of all T3 slips                       

Box 25 of all T4PS slips                   

Box 11 of all T5 slips $5,750.00      

Box 130 of all T5013 slips               

Add lines 1 to 4. Enter this amount on  line 12010  of your return. = $5,750.00  <---ONLY other than eligible


Taxable amount of dividends (eligible and other than eligible)

Boxes 32 and 50 of all T3 slips

Boxes 25 and 31 of all T4PS slips

Boxes 11 and 25 of all T5 slips 8

Boxes 130 and 133 of all T5013 slips 9

Add lines 6 to 9. Enter this amount on  line 12000  of your return. = $12,650.00 <---BOTH eligible and other than eligible


T1 :


Taxable amount of dividends from taxable Canadian corporations (use Federal Worksheet):

Amount of dividends ( eligible  and  other than eligible ) [12000]  $12,650.00 <---BOTH eligible and other than eligible

  Amount of dividends ( other than eligible ) [12010] $5,750.00  <---ONLY other than eligible

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