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Ufile - Income and taxes I received for items I receives from work

John Gallant

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My problem is that I cannot claim my income and taxes paid on my pension on the same page as the extras. I tried placing my normal pension and taxis paid. on one page then my extras on another 2 pages but Ufile won't accept that.

I have not found a way to place line (028) and line (119) he same page

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Hello John Gallant,

To place another line on the page please see example below :

OTHER INFORMATION (COVID-19 benefits) (click on the triangle to see the list of choices)
(A payment of fees for services under code 028 should be entered in Box 048)

[028] Other income (Box O code RZ)   [$100.00]    "+"    < - - - - -Click on the "+"

ANOTHER line will appear and enter as in example below :

[119] Premiums paid to a group term life ins. plan  [$101.00]

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