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How to Represent an In-Kind Transfer of Stock

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I recently had to transfer all of my employee savings plan stocks to my personal account as I left my previous company. I thought the transfer was of the shares and wouldn't have triggered any taxes how ever when looking at my T4 I have a sizable amount of 'Non eligible retiring allowances'. Does anyone have experience with this line item and is there a way to declare that I just repurchased the same stock with those funds therefore shouldn't be taxed as income?

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Hello David Bauslaugh

T4 -  Non eligible retiring allowances 67

Box 67 of your T4 slip shows the part of your retiring allowance that is not eligible. Report that amount on line 13000 of your income tax and benefit return


For the "In-Kind Transfer of Stock" you should consult with the CRA or a tax advisor as there are various scenarios for this.

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