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I won a poster prize and received an honorarium for a conference, is this consider other income?


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I attended a conference in 2021, I entered this poster contest and won $1000 for presenting my research well and I also volunteered and received a $250 honorarium. I received a cheque from the university and later on got a T4. I made sure to report it last year. This year I had my CRA account setup so everything can be uploaded automatically through netfile, and I noticed that the $1250 is filed as other income for my 2022 tax return. I guess I didn't do a good job/or did something wrong last year.

Anyway, my question is should the money I received from the poster contest be considered something else(not other income)? Other than the honorarium, the $1000 is tied to me presenting my research as a full time PhD student. I don't have any issues with filing the $1250 as other income but I'm a little confused about this.

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Hello Ace12,

This should help you determine if it is income. 

Amounts that are not reported or taxed

You do not have to report certain non-taxable amounts as income, including the following:

        lottery winnings of any amount, unless the prize can be considered income from employment, a business or property, or a prize for achievement 
    most gifts and inheritances


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