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My sons are no longer a dependant


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I need some help on the transition.

My two sons have been entered as dependent on my ufile.  They now work, and both are over 18, so they are no longer dependents.  One of the two has moved out too.

How do I transfer from them dependent to independent for filing?  If I need to start a new file, what information do I need to transfer?  Use autofill??

If it makes a difference I am using the ufile software on a PC.


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Hello JohnC,

In UFile ONLINE you would create a separate account using their E_M address.  In UFile Windows you would create a separate UFIle *.u22 file.  Autofill Return (AFR) can be done independently in each account / file.  You must enter the data manually :  Identification and carry forwards (if applicable) :

Manually enter carry forward
They include: 
Carry Forward List:
GST/HST rebate; 
QST rebate (QC); 
CNIL (Cumulative Net Investment Loss); 
some RPP (Registered Pension Plan) contributions; 
information related to RRSP, HBP (Home Buyer's Plan) 
LLP (Lifelong Learning Plan); 
Investment tax credit; 
Investment Expenses (QC); 
ATM (Alternative Minimum Tax); 
Foreign Business tax credit; 
Moving Expenses; 
Provincial Tax credits; 
T2125 Self Employment Income - Capital Cost Allowance amount (CCA), 
T776 Rental Property - Capital Cost Allowance amount (CCA) 
and others.



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