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Claiming caregiver tax credit

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My father is over 70 years old (income earning) and I live with him. He used to file independently.  I want to claim the Caregiver tax credit this year.

I followed the youtube video: 



I filled in info for my father in Dependent ID, sin#, etc. Then I go to the tab Review, it warns me errors that i have to continue fill up all situation of my dad. As if I have to file all financial info for him, and as if he won't file independently. Is that correct? But it does not sounds right. How can i add him as my dependent while he can file his own file^

Q2) By claiming him as my dependent, would it affects his OAS or GIS receipt?





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Hello Telescopic,

This is correct can i add him as my dependent while he can file his own file.  You only add him to claim the credit and you do not NetFile, that is done in his own file.

OAS and GIS are unaffected.

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