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Error Code 2287 when trying to netfile husband's tax return.


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I keep getting this error code 2287 when trying to netfile my husband's return & have no way of fixing this + had no problem with mine. The amount on line 68020 is greater than line 11500 but there's no way of changing this on Form T1032 due to UFile automatically calculating this.  I need to file this today, so need help asap!



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I did send a note but no reply other than the first time sending me a copy of info I already knew.  I replied with this detailed info yesterday to someone named Yan Request# UB3618451.  The correct amount should be 27,401.00 on line 11500.

This is what I sent to reply:

Hello again – further to this error 2287, I see that the worksheet T1032 is automatically calculated by UFile, so am wondering how the amount of $27,413.41 is calculated on Line 68020.  The total should be $27,401.00 which is the total of the pensions applicable. 

I can’t change this amount, so please tell me how to fix this error. Due to needing to file this by tomorrow I would appreciate some help re this.

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