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Quebec senior home support not showing on dependant return


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I complete individual annual tax returns for my sister who is under 60 years old and my brother who is over 70 years old. They both live in Quebec.

My brother has been approved for the DTC but does not require the full amount so I would like to transfer it to my sister who has been approved by the CRA to have this transfer.

When I create a return with my sister as family head and my brother as an independant my brother's return does not show the Quebec Senior Home Support page where he normally claims related costs.  

How do I do this in Ufile?

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Hello WallyM,

In the Dependant file :

Senior home support, Schedule J, does not apply to Dependant, only a Family Head or Spouse

Senior home support does not apply to Dependant, only a Family Headed or Spouse

Senior Assistance Tax Credit – Line 63
On the Interview Page (LEFT hand side of the screen) >> Quebec tax credits
  >>Quebec line 414 - Tax credit for contributions to authorized Québec political parties
TP-1029.AE - Tax credit for the upgrading of residential waste water treatment systems
TP-1029.SA - Senior assistance tax credit  < - - - HERE
TP-1029.TM - Grant for seniors to offset a municipal tax increase
Tax credit for senior's activities
Other Quebec tax credits
>>Indicate how you wish to handle the senior assistance tax credit
Claim specified amount  < - - - SELECT IF FOR Dependant
Enter the amount of credit to claim on this return. < - - $2,000.00

>>TP1 - 
Line 463 Senior assistance tax credit [$ 2,000.00]  < - - - PLEASE note is is dependant on your income and RAMQ contribution Line 447


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