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EI over payment

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I am trying to NETFILE, but it is not allowing me to do it due to my EI overpayment.  The program is not auto populating the overpayment, so there is an error.  Does anyone know how I might fix this?  I have 2 T4's.  the first T4 deducted the maximum EI amount.  The second T4 also deducted EI premiums.  So any amount paid on my second T4 should be an over payment.  But it is not showing up in the tax return.  Error code 90312

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Hello DonPon1976,

CRA error 90312     

2019 to 2022    

    The province of residence is Quebec. Line 31200 for EI premiums plus line 45000 for EI overpayment does not equal line 50280 for total EI premiums.
    The province or territory of residence is other than Quebec. The sum of lines 31200/50260 for EI premiums plus line 45000 does not equal the sum of line 50270 for total PPIP premiums plus line 50280.

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Thank you Geo123!  I have entered everything correctly.  I have triple checked my numbers.  I overpaid my EI premiums.  So the 2019 max amount is listed, but line 45000 is blank.  the overpayment should be in line 45000, but it is not.  I don't know how to enter the overpayment? 

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