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Saving .u22-file

Yves Marino

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Thanks Geo123. That is unfortunate for me. I purchased Ufile software to use this year for the first time. For years I've been encouraging people I know to use Ufile online. Now that I am ready to set up and help them do their taxes with Ufile for Windows software, I am discouraged to find they won't be able to provide me with their .u22 files for last year to help me populate the new files 😕

I do find it odd that an individual does not have the right to access their own .u file on requesting it from a tax software provider in Canada. Ought it not be a legal obligation to provide it to an individual tax filer who requests it? Maybe there are good reasons why not? Just putting it out there.

Anyway, thanks again!

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Hello jjno,

Sorry to hear this is not the response you hoped for.  The ONLINEE version is actually not a file ie.".u22" file, but rather is in a secure data base.  This data is readily available at any time you wish to access the data.

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