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T4A CPP disability benefit appears in line 11400 Instead of 11500


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In u file I filled out the box for T4A slip. The box is a little different than last year and it is treating my entry into box 16 as a registered pension plan. it's then reporting into line 11500 As a superannuity Instead of lying 11400 


I must be using the wrong input box for T4A slip. But I can't figure out what to do!


excuse the typing, I do this with my eyes


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Hello Jon5g,

You are using the wrong T4A entry.  Please use T4A(P)


T4A(P) : < - - -HERE

Retirement benefit [14] [      ]

Number of months - retirement [23] [12]

Survivor benefit [15] 

Disability benefit [16] [      ]  < - - -HERE

Number of months - disability [21] < - - -HERE

>>CPP or QPP benefits (box 20 of the T4A(P) slip) Line 11400

 T4A : xNOT here

Pension or superannuation [Registered pension plan] [016] [$20,000.00]

>>Other pensions and superannuation (see line 11500 of the guide and line 31400

of the return)  Line 11500

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