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How to change tax filing year with Ufile12 2022


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That is completely stupid, who needs to file 12 2022 returns? And why does it not tell the buyer any of these detail on the product or web site? So Ufile expects me to pay $40 bucks for each year I need to file. I will be leaving my bad reviews everywhere, and using Turbo Tax. Thanks for the reply. 

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Hello Shauns72,

If you have to prepare 10 years of tax returns, we recommend you purchase UFile Online. Each year costs $19.95 plus tax for an individual. If your total income is under $20,000, the tax return is free.  If you are a student and have the T2202 form in your return, the tax return is free.
To access UFile Online, please click on the following link: https://www.ufile.ca/products/ufile-online
Please note UFile 12 is for people who have multiple returns to produce for family members and friends in the same year.
Should you decide to use UFile Online, we will provide a free voucher to complete one tax year for free.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact UFile Support.
Please open a request ticket, and include the above note, on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us  - ATTN : Geo

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