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CCA Area A Help

Ali Mahmood

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Hello, I need some help understanding the CCA Area A.

I started my business and purchased a vehicle, equipment and tools of CCA classes 10.1, 8, and 12.

Here is a image of some of the assets I have claimed:


For example, the Class 8 Asset "Pure Water System" was filled out as below:


As I understand, the opening balance of the UCC should be $0, and as there was no property in the class prior, the ACB field should be $0 as well. I don't believe the half-year rule applies. So I should be able to expense 20% * $3097.50 = $619.50

However, in Area A of the CCA claim, I can expense $41 from column 9, and $237 from column 18, for a total of $278 which is only about 10%.

Furthermore, if you look at the class 12 asset in the row above worth $36, only $11 was expensed for the year. 



Why is column 18 not calculating as simply column 16 * column 17? 


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I realized that since my business was started near the end of the year, that was the reason I must have not been able to claim the full CCA amounts. 

However I have found another issue I can't figure out.

The Total CCA claim for the year, the sum of column 18 is incorrect. In this image you can see how the sum is less than the number above it.. :




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3 hours ago, Geo123 said:

Hello Ali Mahmood,

Please contact UFile Support so we may review the file confidentially.  Please include the above details and please note we can not access the image link for security reasons.
Please open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us

Ok will do thanks again Geo. Oh, sorry about that here is the picture in questions:



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