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Override of GIFI field subtotal is incorrect


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I keep getting this error, but I have gone through the math 5 times and cannot figure out what is not adding up.

The total assets equate to total liabilities and shareholders equity, my net profit is tying correctly.

It tells me I have 22 errors, yet it doesn't tell me where the GIFI override is not working. 

I need help in resolving!


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Hello AC1987,

UFile T2 for Corporations will generate an error message if the subtotals or total of your financial statements are overridden.  The totals (fields in bold) are calculated automatically by the software. If you wish to make changes, simply change the items fields and not the totals or subtotals fields.
Note, the fields that are overridden have check mark on the right-hand side of the amount field.
To remove the overrides, untick the box beside the amount field and let the software do calculation automatically.

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