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Thanks for clearing that up!

So to confirm, the date that it's saved to pdf or efiled is fixed, cannot be modified and isn't changed by the reprinting date if I understand correctly.

Also is there any confirmation in the pdf that it was successfully efiled?

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Hello diggitydog,

Correct the PDF date is fixed and can not be modified.  The EFile date is reported on the Nefile tab (Tab 5).

Once you NETFILE your return (Tab 5), the CRA will issue a confirmation number after it does a preliminary check and accepts  your return. The confirmation number is then displayed on your screen.  IF accessing at a later date It should be displayed (if NetFile was successful) :
>> Federal   [ ] File Accepted   <- - - Double Click
The tax return was successfully transmitted to the CRA on:
 Month / Day/Year/Time
The confirmation number is:
**Note you must NetFile each family member and require a separate confirmation for each family member.
**Please note that the UFile payment confirmation is different from the CRA NetFile confirmation.  UFIle can not NetFile the return, you (the client)  must NetFile from the above Tab 5.

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