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in 2021 i applied for the cerb program and i received $2000 (only once) this was reported on my 2022 ufile return as earned income, but come the spring of 2023 the cra said that i did not qualify for this so they kept that $2000 from my return  -so when i complete my 2023 income tax return can i add this $2000  as an expense ?? and if so  where do i put that on the ufile page 

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Hello gytnado,

The CERB repayment can be from either a T4E or A T4A slip :
Overpayment recovered or repaid [$amount]

*Repayment of an overpayment [30] [$amount]
*Repayment of the CERB (this amount is included in box 30)  [$amount]
Enter the repayment of the CERB (this amount is included in box 30) [Fed. L.23210]  UFile will deduct it on line 23210 of your federal return and on line 246 of your Quebec return.
>>CHECK T1 :
F23210 Federal COVID-19 benefits repayment (box 201 of all federal T4A slips) [23210]   [$amount] <----ALSO for T4E slip

NOTE CAN ALSO DO FROM T4A :  Other >> [201]  Repayments oa provincial or territorial COVID-19 financial assistance

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