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Prior year return amount is not what I received from CRA


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In preparation for 2023 taxes I was cross-referencing my 2022 return in Ufile - and the amount now displayed shows almost 2k more than I received last year. Any idea what may be going on ? I would have thought the tax files submitted and processed become static? OR does it mean 2022 was reassessed? If that is the case though, would I have not received a notice and the money? I am utterly confused at the moment - any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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Hello JulieM,

The file within UFile is not static and can only only be modified by the UFIle account holder - not by UFIle or the CRA.  The CRA submission is static as is the original PDF file saved.  To check if you have been reassessed check your CRA myaccount on line or contact the CRA.

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