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RRSP contributions when filing return


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I have an RRSP plan with my employer where I contributed 3000 from march 2023 to december 2023 and the employer contributed 3000 during the same time.

For Jan 2024 to Feb 2024 I contributed 750 and employer contributed 750.


The question is when filing my 2023 tax return for the section of RRSP contribution during first 60 days if I add either of the 1500 contributed by me and by the employer to RRSP the corresponding value is not added in T4 income earned for that year. Is this the correct way for reporting and how would this make sense in terms of reporting?

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Hello Tejas,

You should enter all contributions in the RRSP section.  Please check with your employer if they included the benefit on your T4.  Contributions made by your employer for  RRSP and RRSP administration are considered to be a taxable benefit for the employee

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