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T4 Box 86 and RL1 Box L-8 Missing in UFile


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On my T4 I have a box 40 and a box 86. In UFile there is no box 86 option.

On my RL1 the value of box L is equivalent to box 40 + box 86 from my T4. There is also a box L-8 that is equivalent to box 86 on the T4.

The issue is in UFile there is no option for either a box 86 or L-8. All I have is a box 40 which is linked to box L in UFile, but as mentioned above those aren't equivalent. I would need an option that would allow me to enter a box 86 (T4) / L-8 (RL1) for this to make sense. 

As it stands, I can either have a valid entry with my T4 info, or a valid entry with my RL-1 info, but I cannot do both. Any ideas?

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Hello jax,

T4 box 86 / RL-1 L-8


Enter the amount of other taxable benefits and allowances per box 40 of your T4 slip. Note that this amount is already included in T4 box 14.

This entry is for information purposes only.


Box 86 - Security options election

Do not report this amount on your tax return. This amount is already included in box 14.



RL-1 L-8

Boxes under “Renseignements complémentaires” (additional information)

Box L-8 Election respecting security options

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Thanks - so what I guess you are saying is it doesn't really matter if the information i put is correct since it's for information purposes only. So i pick one of the two i can make right (let's say how RL1 is shown) and then just live with it. 

I can try that, will play with both options (either follow what T4 says for box40, or then what RL1 says for BoxL) and see if it changes my taxes in the end.

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