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RevCanada's T777 vs UFile T777

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Last year, the WFH credit was a flat rate for those without a contract specifying so.  This flat rate calculation was removed by RevCanada, and now we must fill out a T2200 and T777 to get the credit.

I am a salaried employee, now permanently WFH without it being explicitly stated in my contract.  Form T2200 is easy to fill out, but when following directions in RevCanada's T777, I get an amount in Box 17 (equates to line 22900 in the return) that is very different from that calculated in UFile.  On page 3 of 5 the example calculation shows the percent home utilized which is then used to calculate the employment-use percentage, which is then used to calculate the employment-use amount.  This does not appear to be used in UFile at all. 

I am uncertain what exactly to believe and do not want to be audited.  Is anyone esle seeing this difference or am I doing something wrong?

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Hello, where do you exactly put the numbers calculated at the CRA website for the work at home portion  advising to put on line 42,43,46,48

on UFILE there is no line number and the T777 for salaried worker the description is not the same as line 42,43,46,48 - where do we actually put these numbers on UFIle need help pls 

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