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BC479 - Renters


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Please advise how to fix the error.

I have a friend whose husband has "0" income for 2023 and lives in other countries (no SIN).

I try to apply for BC rent credit, and when I fill out everything- the UFILE doesn't give me an error.

But when I try to send the declaration I got error code 960576.

PLease help me...

I get an error code 960576.

There are entries on lines 60575 and/or 60576 on the Form BC479 for the British Columbia renter's tax credit and one of the following situations applies to your return. Please verify your entries and make the necessary corrections. 1. Please provide the following information about your spouse or common-law partner, if applicable: a. Their net income. If net income is zero or negative, indicate this on your return as instructed by your software.

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Hello YVRTax,

Please be sure UFile is updated.

Update UFile windows




*Settings (upper right hand corder)

Tax return counter...

Check for updates...    < = = HERE


EFILE-NetFiIe setup

RRSP Calculator

Retirement Planner



[Check for updates]     [x] Check for updates automatically

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Geo123, I'm running the latest version. Still getting the error code 960576. 

The error is asking me to confirm spouse information which I already did, and the error (3 & 4) regarding LIne 60575 and 60576 are incorrect. I have 11 for 60575 and $400 for 60576 but ufile think i have something different.... 


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