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Mr MacDonald

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I think I have found a bug in your system.


Last yr 2022-2023, I filed with Utax.

I received an assessment from CRA a week ago that says one of my T4A's was not recorded properly.

On checking I found that I had recorded only some of the info from one of mt T4A.


This year (2023-2024) I made extra care to enter info and on checking the return I found the same error.

One of my TDA's was lacking info I know I had entered.

On closer inspection I discovered that if you do not designate the type of pension, the program will record the info on what you paid in taxes but not the rest of the info provided.  IE: Income)

And your checking soft ware at the end is not picking up on this error.


Scott MacDonald

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Hello MacFireman,

You are probably referring to a veterans' pension. It is the only pension that you have to enter twice. Once as a "Registered pension plan" Box 016 and again as a "Veterans benefits included in Box 016" under code [128].

You may add another  line by clicking the little plus sign at the end of the line.

The amount will appear on line 11500 of the federal return. 


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The problem is, if you don't click the right boxes, your system keeps some of the numbers and rejects the rest. Then in the "check" of your return at the end, your system does not pick up on the fact that I am submitting an incomplete T4 form.

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Hello MacFireman,

The system will keep the data providing you save it, either by proceeding to the next page or by selecting save. You must select the correct boxes or you will receive an error in the Review section.

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