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Payment Problems

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I am using a Simplii Financial bank card, which is tied with MasterCard and has an expiry date and security code.
There are ample funds in the account to cover the cost of this purchase.

I input the card number on the payment page, and get a "your card has been declined" message.

I have attempted to make this payment using Chrome as well as Edge.  
I have attempted to make this purchase on my laptop, my work desktop, as well as using my phone.
I have attempted to make this purchase using my bank card, as well as my husband's bank card.

I have done my due diligence and am getting extremely frustrated with this process and just want to pay so I can file my family's returns.

I have submitted an email (ticket # UF899918) which resulted in getting an email back saying to try a different browser - which, I have already done, multiple times.

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Hello HOWsMom,

Are you attempting to purchase UFILE ONLINE or UFILE for WINDOWS ? The voucher code is only good for UFILE ONLINE. 
It appears you have used UFILE for WINDOWS in the past.

If your card has the MasterCard logo on it - it should work.

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8 hours ago, Geo123 said:

Hello HOWsMom,

Please note that if the MC card is a DEBIT card - we do not accept debit cards.

Two phone agents told me otherwise.  This information is not on the software or website.


Also, I spent under $30 by purchasing the Windows version and using the included online code in order to Netfile our returns.

The online platform, the same 4 returns would have cost me almost $60 !

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