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T1135 submission is rejected with missing ”Second Name”

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I’m first time filer. I have successfully submitted Federal Return, but was rejected in “Federal T1135” with  description of “missing second name” . 
I corrected it as instructions in the step of Interview. Next, I ticked the box in NETFILE for “I agree with the Terms and……”, and pressed the blue button of “File the T1135 now! “ in the bottom of the page, but I was “rejected” unexpectedly with the same result. Please help

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I've corrected the fields, the question is should the ReFile mode be used?  And, if it should, do I need to resubmit the Federal return?

In addition, the Notice of Assessment couldn't be downloaded with a status of forever  "downloading ....".   

I'm looking forward to your reply


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Hello Dawnchen,



Do not use REFile.  Click [File the T1135 now! - - >]



We have no control over the CRA log in and download and AFR

IF CRA Server hangs or no data then you should contact CRA.
Please note you can also enter the data manually from the tax slips.  You can access the slips from CRA Myaccount :
>>Tax Returns
>>Tax Information slips (T4 and more)
>>Select Tax Year
>>Select Tax Slip from drop down
To contact CRA :
1-800-959-8281 for inquiries related to individuals.
Telephone numbers – Canada Revenue Agency / CRA wait times:

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