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I have .u22 file but not .pdf. Need pdf to see return

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I have a situation where I have the .u22 file from 2022 software, but did not save the .pdf at the time. Now I no longer have the software (hard drive crashed).  I would like to convert it to .pdf.  I have access to Ufile Online now, but when I import a file, it assumes I want to import to 2023, not just load as 2022.  Of course, with the changes to taxes, it doesnt work.


Is there a way I can load it as 2022 or convert it to pdf so that I have access to my 2022 returns?

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Hello halejako,

1. To reinstall UFile Windows 2022 and open the .u22 file (and save as PDF) go to this link :


2. To import (Carry forward) UFIle Windows 2022 to UFile 2023 ONLINE 

In UFile ONLINE select the green button [Import an existing file] Allows you to import the previous year's tax file prepared with UFile for Windows into UFile ONLINE (for the Identification and carry forward information only)

(Note can also import a file to a Mac ONLINE if you used UFIle Win last year)


>>Create a new UFIle ONLINE account https://secure.ufile.ca/account/Register

>>Browse to select your file (and enter pw if it was encrypted by you)



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