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Please Unistall and reinstall UFile.

To remove UFile * for Windows, follow these instructions:
1. Go to "Start".
2. Go to "Settings".
3. Select "Control Panel".
4. In the "Control Panel", select "Programs and Features".
5. Locate UFile * and right click to « Uninstall » or « Remove »

Download and install the latest version as follows:
1.    Download the latest version (which includes all updates) at: https://www.ufile.ca/products/cvitp
2. Save it to your Desktop OR Downloads.
3. Install the program using the instructions for the situation that applies to you:
a) Installing for the first time:
 Double-click the file on your Desktop OR Downloads. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
b) Older version of UFile 20xx already installed:
 Double-click the file on your Desktop. When asked to "Repair" or "Remove", select "Remove".
Double-click the file on your Desktop a second time. Follow the instructions displayed on the scren.
VERY IMPORTANT! During the installation, the software will ask you the folder of the application. 
If the folder by default is C:\Program Files 9x86) \UFile 2023, please click the "Change" button, and enter it manually: C:\UFile 2023.
After reinstalling reboot the pc.

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