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Error Code 90308 CPP payments does not equal total

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Hello Guys,

Can you please help me with this error? I am in BC, only have two T4s this year. 


Based on the Error Message, I concluded the following:

Line 30800: 1028.71
+ Line 22215: 31.17
+ Line 44800: 0.00
= 1059.88

Line 50340: 1074.75

There is a $14.87 difference.

There is a CPP overpayment($14.87) in Schedule 8, however, I can't find the number anywhere in the T1 Federal. I believe this overpayment should show in Line 44800. How can I fix it?


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13 minutes ago, George BN said:

Was this error ever resolved? I don't see any answer?

I am seeing this error again for 2023 returns and have no idea how to fix?

errors 184, 90308 errors? Same as above.

How was this resolved?

Yes, they asked me to remove the CPP overpayment, as the CRA does not allow claims for overpayment after some time. If you insist on claiming the overpayment, then you have to do a paper filing.

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