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Won't accept daycare identification number

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The tax slip I got from my son's daycare has an identification number that is only 5 digits long. Ufile insists that it has to be 6 to 10 digits. I get the error message below (I've substituted ABCDE for the actual 5-digit number). How do I proceed? Should I put a zero before or after the ID number?
'ABCDE' does not match the expected format. Please consult the help for more details. Click here to fix
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Hello Adam_Mtl,

 *Identification number of the daycare centre (RL-24) (6 to 10 digits)  [H] **   [          ]

**Note that, beginning in 2022, receipts for childcare services will no longer be accepted (this does not apply if, for example, your childcare provider is outside Québec). Your childcare provider must give you an RL-24 slip to keep as proof that you paid the expenses.

***You must have RL-24 as per Revenu Quebec. 

RL-24 slip

Keep the RL-24 slip that the childcare provider gives you in order to justify the childcare expenses you paid. Receipts are no longer accepted, except in certain cases (i.e. you paid a childcare provider outside Québec).



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