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How to turn MaxBack off

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My son and his wife keep their finances completely separate. So even if they could get overall a larger return, they are not interested in having MaxBack decide on who to maximize their two returns -- how do you turn MaxBack off so it doesn't automatically maximize their returns?  Right now it keeps moving around things like the refunds associated with tuition.  



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I do not see the sections on donations or medical expenses in my household head view.

At the top of the Controls page there is the question " How do you wish to handle the transferable deductions and credits?"  but "Claim own amounts" is not an option. You can only choose to send everything to one, to the other, or use MaxBack.


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Oh, much better! At least in the online software, there is a section "Report on tax savings reconciliation between spouses" in the Controls section (which is near the bottom of the table of contents tab on the left).

Turn that on, and it will, I assume, let you use maxback everywhere but reconcile who should get what.

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