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T2125/Interview - Internet in business-use-of-home expenses

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Hi, and please see below - The interview form for business-use-of-home expenses has a box for Home Internet access fees, but that amount doesn't show up in the T2125 form. Or should I include in the box for Telephone? (I'm just worried that would make my telephone charges look ridiculous.) Thanks for your help.


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I guess I didn't explain the problem clearly enough... The number that I entered in Home Internet access fess does not get itemized in T2125 Part 7, although it is included in the subtotal 7H. (Or, 7H is more than the sum of what is listed in 7A through 7G.) Is this a previously identified bug and expected to be fixed before the filing deadline? Or is the workaround to put a combined total under Telephone?


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