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Reporting house rental advertising fee for partial primary house.

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I would like to report my advertising fee for rental income of my basement. 

but when I put the number in the T776/Expenses/Advertising, the T1 generated deducted tax amount which always equals Advertising fee * rental ratio, but all the advertisement fee I entered is only for the basement, so it should not multiple rental ratio at all, how can I resolve the issue ?


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Hello crazystormboy,

Percentage (%) of personal use of your rental property is a global variable. It can not be customized for each line item, such as "advertising", and the CRA does not permit overrides for T1 consumer tax software.

You can leave the field blank (=0) and enter the rental related expenses manually .ie prorate the amounts manually eg. property taxes


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Hi Geo,

Thanks for quick response! But If I leave the field blank, CRA will consider my house is 100% rent out, and house type will change from primary house to investemnt house. So I shouldnot change to blank in the column. And I just talked with CRA, they said in my case, the personal portion should keep blank if using paper form. but UFile not allow us to override "personal portion", so it make things very tricky.

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